Sunday, September 11, 2011

I remember

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Ten years ago today I was working in a Tuesday morning clinic. One of the receptionists ran in to tell us the first tower had been hit. We were shocked and stunned! It seemed like only a few minutes later we heard the second tower was hit. Then the pentagon. Some one ran into the clinic and said a plane went down in Pittsburgh! That's where my whole family was so I picked up the phone on the clinic wall and called my mom at my grandmother's house. The assured me they were OK and the plane had gone down near the airport. We all talked in the clinics about what was happening. I called my husband who was off that day. I was on the phone with him when the first tower went down. he said "O my God, Beck the tower collapsed." We were stunned into silence.
After the last patient was seen I went back into my office and the TV was on. Funny but before that day I did not even realize there was a TV in the office. The news that day went over and over what happened. The pictures were frightening. All the girls in the office were riveted to the TV while trying to get our work done. That evening I went home and went to church, it was the natural place to go. We needed to pray for the those who lost loved ones, the victims and the survivors , our beloved country, our president and the future.

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I remember the whole nation pulling together and praying. I remember everyone talking about God and being proud to be an American; didn't matter if they were republican, democrat, ot independant. We stood united. Some have forgotten. I have not forgotten; I remember.

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Kathy ... better known as Nana said...

It was a horrific day, one that can never truly be forgotten. I remember ... I will never forget.