Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Odds and Ends and whatever else

Just wanted to jot down some odds and ends and whatever else was on my mind tonight.

1. I am getting all the paperwork together for our new house here. I am getting excited but you know how it goes. We need this ; o and we need that. The house passed inspection except for 2 things the electric plug coming into the house is frayed needs changed and the radon test failed. We said we would fix the plug if they fix the radon because they will have to do it anyway. I want to get excited but I can't just yet.

2. My husbands company is paying to move all our stuff here so DH is hiring a moving company. They will go into my house in SC. Pack everything and move it to the new house. All we have to do is set it up in new place. They even put beds and stuff together. Can't wait!

3. I love the holidays but lately it is not the same for me. My kids are grown and moved away with their families. As you know I lost my darling grandmother this year. I want to decorate like crazy to make up for it. I will do that in my new house!

4. MY precious grandson Ethan is having a hard time at school. There were some bullies picking on him. He started defending him self and now they are saying HE is aggressive! He is definitely not!! He is the kindest sweetest, loving boy but he will defend himself. Pray for him please.

5. One of my other precious grandsons Nate is having some physical problems. He has had several colds and ear infections in his 11 months of life. Doctor's think he may have asthma and need tubes in his ears. Pray for him too please.

6. My other two grandson Asher and Remy sweet as can be can always use prayers.

7. I am so blessed in so many ways why do we always tend to look at the bad things in life instead of focusing on the GOOD Blessings!!!

Thank you Lord for all my many blessings!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Joyce said...

I know you must be excited about getting into the house...enjoy making it a home : )