Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week Two A Confident Heart questions

1.Think back to your childhood and your first memory of God. Describe your image of Him growing up.
I grew up in Catholic church and school so God was all about following rules and trying to be good enough for God to answer my prayers.

2. How does your childhood perception of of God compare to what you see in Christ through His interaction with Sam? List similarities and differences.
My childhood perception of God is very much like Sam's she thinks that is somewhere out there and she can not get close because of what she has done. Sounds very much like the god of my childhood. I also thought I was not good enough to get to God. But I did know God was God of all.

3. Do you ever feel like you are the only one who struggles with insecurities or doubt? Why or why not?
I do sometimes trick my self into thinking I am the only one with these doubts. Sometimes I can not comprehend the magnitude of God I think to myself this can not be true because it is not logical. Then in the next instant I realize God is not logical He is God!

4. Jesus wants to create a safe place for you to be transparent with Him where you can ask questions and be real about your desires, doubts, disappointments, and dreams. He knows you and wants you to really know Him. Is thought of this relationship with God comforting or uncomfortable and why?

It is very comforting to me that the God of the universe, the God who is everywhere at once, the God who created the earth wants to be in a relationship with me. It makes me feel special and I know that I am when I realize God sent his son to die for me. Me, who is right/left challenged. Me, who is fat. Me, who is so not perfect although I try to be. It is very comforting to me.

5. Has anything ever happened that caused you to distance yourself from God or other people? How does it make you feel to know Jesus understands, and He is still there with you for every moment of every day? When do you need His assurance and presence most?

When I was 19 years old my grandfather died. I had not seen him for a while. He went into the hospital on Christmas day and died on January 5, 1980. I prayed and prayed for him to get better. I cried and prayed and went to the hospital and prayed. He did not get better he died. I was mad at God for not answering my prayers. I was mad at him for taking my grandfather. I did distance myself from God then.I felt so lonely at that time. Even when I was in a crowd of people or with my family and friends I still felt lonely and could not understand it. Later after accepting Jesus as my savior I understood that I had shut Him out of my life and that is why I felt so lonely. Now I realize that God's spirit is with me always and it is very comforting to me to know that I can be myself with all my warts and God still loves me.
I need His assurance most when I am anxious or worried. I know I should not worry because God is in control but I do and I need Him then.

6. Reread Sam's story (the woman at the well)in John 4, asking Jesus to meet you there and show you things in your heart that need repair. Is there a part of my story or Sam's story that you relate to most. 
I can kind of relate to Sam's story because you can tell by reading she is feeling lonely and not good enough. She comes to the well in the afternoon sun and not in the morning like the other women because she does not want them to see her. I can relate to that and sometimes feel that way also. My younger sister was always prettier or smarter or tougher than me and it sometimes made me feel invisible.

7. What lesson from this chapter will you walk away with and hold on to so that you can live in the security of God's approval and acceptance?
 I am good enough for God to send his son even on my worst day to die for me. I am accepted by God the Creator of the universe so why should I worry about what a mere person thinks of me.

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