Friday, March 2, 2012

Boxes Boxes Everywhere

The movers came yesterday with half of my stuff. It was wonderful and not so wonderful at the same time. The frustration is it is only half of my stuff so key elements are missing. For instance office furniture is here except for top of file cabinet but the shelves for it are here. Just stuff like that.
Bit I am in heaven I tell you! I opened boxes yesterday like it was Christmas because I did not pack the movers did; so I did not know what was in each box. Everyone was filled with surprises. For instance a box marked kitchen had all opened packages of Quaker Oats, corn starch, sugar and flour all wrapped in paper so there was just a small cloud when I opened the box. None the less I now have my own pots and pans, coffee/tea cups and silverware!!! I never thought I would be so excited about my cups and silverware but I am ecstatic!! This morning I had tea in MY OWN Minni Mouse CUP!! Yep! Imagine my delight waking up from heavenly sleep in my very own bed I have not slept in for 7 months to a cup of tea in my very own favorite tea cup!! It is a great day!! I am even washing clothes in my own washer and dryer! NO QUARTERS!!! Just laundry!

O the chaos of boxes is still around me and will take some time to get undone; before the next shipment comes next week but it is ALL GOOD!

O my goodness the lessons God has taught me in this waiting period! I have to actually let them soak in! I really learned the concept of God's timing and actually am still learning that one. We will be learning some money lessons soon as we start to pay two mortgages in April. I have learned I can make it without all the THINGS I think I need.... So maybe I whined a little....OK I whined A LOT! But none the less I made it through seven months in a temporary furnished apartment with out all my stuff around me. Boy does that sound spoiled! I guess I am! In fact I know I am.  God has shown me that...Now the test is what do I do with it...that is my new journey!!!

Until next time thanks for reading and being interested in my craziness.
By the way I am still studding for my cancer certification in nursing (prayers requested for no test anxiety please) The test is March 20 and on March 29 I start my Master's program in nursing education at University of Phoenix. I guess I just like stress, huh?


Joyce said...

Happy unpacking and settling in to home : )

Dee said...

Hi Becky, I hope you are getting settled into your new Ohio home. Hopefully you will show some photo's of your house once it is furnished. I saw the pictures of your fireplaces...I sure miss mine. You will probably need them next winter as your weather will be similar to Michigan's. Brrrr. I actually love to decorate a new place once everything is unpacked and watch it become home.I wish you much joy and success on your new journey. :)