Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hodge Podge Wednesday

1. The first day of spring is here-do you enjoy working in the yard? Weeding, raking, mowing, planting...your favorite springtime garden chore? How about your least favorite?

I don't mind raking but I am really not the garden person. See I am a germaphobe and do not like to get dirt under my nails or touch dirty stuff. I am not really crazy I am a nurse so I have to keep my hands clean all the time. It just planted itself in my b rain and can't get dirty hands. I do help from time to time but have to wear gloves.

2. What puts a spring in your step?

I love the spring weather. I love sunshine!! I am generally in a good mood on sunny days!
With that being said my family is very important to me and can always put a spring in my step.

 3. Describe a time when you had to spring into action.

Well as I said above I am a nurse so I have to spring into step at various times. The one that comes to mind was a gentleman with head and neck cancer. He had several surgeries on his neck and had a tracheotomy (a whole in his neck to breath). I was training another nurse.  She went in the room to suction his trach (tracheotomy) which we have to do periodically to clear the mucous from his airway. She called me to the room because there was blood in his sputum (snot). He coughed when I came in the room and started bleeding much more. Apparently his surgical area around his carotid artery had come loose and he had to go back to emergency surgery.

4. We're having carrots for dinner...would you prefer yours raw or cooked?

I am not a big carrot fan but I do eat them raw and cooked.

5. Do you take the shampoos and other sundries from your hotel room when its time to check out?

Only if I have opened them. I do not like clutter.

6. What's the most enjoyable team or club you've belonged to and what was it that made it so?

I have belonged to the Oncology Nursing Society for most of my career. I have held offices in my local chapter in SC and plan on joining the local chapter here too. This is an organization of cancer nurses which helps educate oncology (cancer) nurses about treatments and updates in our field. In fact I am headed to New Orleans for national conference in May. First time there I am excited.

 7. Is cloning a sign of progress?

Yes it is progress but why do we want to do it?
Is it just because we can then that is not ethical.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I got a kitten to help with the field mice. I wanted her to be an inside outside cat but inside she has litter box issues. She does use it but also uses everywhere else if there is one tired in the box.
This makes me sad. I wanted to keep her in as much as possible to cuddle with me. She loves to cuddle.


Theresa said...

I can relate to your answer for number one! I am the same way ;)

Dee said...

Love the picture of your little kitty being hugged by your dog. As for the kitty litter to your vet and they will give you good ideas to try to get her to use her box correctly.It is not hard...cats are just finicky even at a young age. I personally do not enjoy yard work but I like a nice yard. Fortunately I live in an apartment so I do not have to do anything.
Sunshine and a full tank of gas puts a spring in my step.
I have had to put a spring action a few times with Frank but nothing like you deal with being a nurse.
I like my carrots cooked.
I always take the tiny bottles of shampoo.
I belonged to an art club and an art guild...loved it.I loved meeting and being with all the creative people.
I am not sure how I feel about just does not seem biblical to me.
My random thought is I should have numbered my answers so it would be easier for you to read.
It sure feels good to be back visiting my blogger friends. :)