Friday, April 13, 2012

Its Friday

Friday the start of the weekend, Well, this week it is the start of my work week. So lets see what happened this week Well, I worked, did school, helped hubby with laundry, paid WAY TOO MUCH taxes.  We got oil for our heater so that is working now and it is 67 degrees out will be 70 over the weekend.  So we will be warm and toasty! ;)
Some one is going to look at the house in SC this weekend, hopefully! They may want to assume the mortgage and that is OK with us as long as we do not have to any more. Prayers for that would be appreciated!
My brother is going through some stuff too too detailed to talk about right now. God knows! Can you pray for him also?
Thanks all! See ya after the weekend, my work week!

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