Tuesday, April 3, 2012

and then I Dwell

My weekend was wonderful! The weather was great. I spent time with my husband went to a new Bible Study last night by Beth Moore which I am going to LOVE.

This morning, well its afternoon for me I just woke up feeling cranky! You know the feeling??? Is it a woman thing?? A menopause thing?? An empty nest thing? I don't know it just happens sometimes.
So what do I do? What I should do is fall ion face in front of God confess my sin and open my mind and heart to him so I can go on and have a wonderful day in the Lord. Is that what I do? NO! I fumble around the house picking at things that make me cranky. We have a well and septic here and have never has one before. When we bought the house we went through all the inspections everything checked out good. Then we move in my water smells like rotten eggs. I called the water place who service our water filters they tell me we need to chlorinate our water. So we do it takes all day; we have to then run all the chlorine out of the water, we do for 6 hours my water is running into the sewer in the yard. Should be fixed. A few weeks later it smells again! My hubby tells me to get used to it! I can't! I'm trying! I HATE IT!!! Just one of the things that make me cranky, so I dwell on it today, Why, because I can and I am a stupid sinner. I don't want to feel this way so why dwell??? I don't know?
My kitten now has to live in the garage because she had trouble with the litter box, she could not find it after many times of putting her in it. Moving it to where she was going, she still went on the floor, so she was banned to the garage. I hate it! I want to cuddle and snuggle with my kitten but I can't. I dwell! Why?
We got our taxes done. We owe money this year because we got money out of my retirement fund and did not find a house until 2012. So the money sat in a savings account and is considered income! This makes me crazy because now we are going to be paying TWO mortgages and I owe the government money also; so I dwell. WHY??

Now I read my devotion for the day and know I should not dwell on the bad. So Today I will try not to.....
This is what I know!...
  • I am loved with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3)
  • I am the apple of His eye. (Proverbs7:2)
  • My name is engraved on the palm of His hand. (Isiah 49:16)
  • I am carried through every storm. (Mark 4:34-41)
  • I am watched over day and night. (Psalm 121:1-8)
  • I am forgiven. (1 John 1:9) 

So I can not promise I will be perfect everyday because I am human and will always be human until Heaven. What I can promise is that I will try focus on the Lord and not dwell.
O I am sure I will still have days like this; which is why I am delighted that my God knows me inside and out and knows that I get like this and He forgives me!
Praise the Lord for Jesus Christ who came to die for me an ornery human who thinks some days the world revolves around me. Praise the Lord He loves me even when I don't!


Dee said...

I like where you say God knows you inside out and knows that you get like this and forgives me. That is a good reminder to me...:) Dwelling is not easy...but the more you dwell in thinking pleasant things the rest gets washed away.

Washer Mom Val said...

I'm a smell sensitive person too. My Mom's water has a sulphur smell to it like rotten eggs because they didn't drill her well deep enough...always takes me a few days to tolerate it when I go home. You have good perspective though - hang in there. Like what Dee shared!