Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am blessed

I am truly blessed. I have two wonderful children. I have been praying for them for as long as they have been alive. (I prayed for them before they were born but I was not a Christan then.) One of the prayers I prayed is that God would find them the perfect mate. In this I feel God has answered my prayers.
My son in law came at a time when I felt my daughter was out of control. She was away from home and had no one to protect her. My wonderful, crazy, goth daughter in the army with all the guys. Along came a Oregon cowboy. He is sweet, funny and very protective of her. He was first her friend and watched out for her as her friend, even took her to the hospital to get an operation when I could not convince her that is what she needed it. He stayed by her side and made sure she took care of herself. After that they became more and their relationship grew. He is still after taking care of her and I might add driving her crazy sometimes but he is a blessing. I know she is taken care.
My daughter in law is a beautiful young Christan woman. I particularly prayed for my son that an over bearing woman would not take him away from me. Elise is not overbearing at all she is wonderful. She is sweet, silly and kind hearted. She is everything I prayed for a daughter in law to be. She balances out my son. She helps lead him in Gods direction with quiet support.
Both my son in law and daughter in law are very special to me. After all they are an answer to prayers and as far as I am concerned my children also. Now the Lord has blessed me more with children from both of these relationships whom I cherish. My grand babies. Both are precious, both are wonderful, both are a gift from my Lord and I thank Him for the blessings in my life.


Dee said...

You are not only blessed-you are a blessing! Dee

mcclellandmama said...

oh man...that made me a little teary...i agree with dee. bryan and i talk a lot about how much you and mr.kevin mean to us. we just love you guys. we think of you as both our parents and our friends. love you!

Gina said...

I just wanted to drop by and say "have a great time away this weekend". Enjoy yourself!