Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When people pray the Lord Moves

Hello all. I just wanted to tell you what transpired with my brother yesterday. My mom had an appointment with a lawyer for other reasons. She asked him if she knew a family court lawyer. He said he did and gave her the information. Mom called the lawyer (my brother is still a royal mess!) explained the situation told her my brother had not seen the baby for 3 days and he was a mess. The lawyer said she would take the case and told mom what to do. She said it would cost $1800. My brother got his taxes done yesterday and it was $2600. The lawyer is going to serve Nikki(the girlfriend) with papers to appear in court. She must appear. They will do a paternity test on my brother and Tyler proving he is the dad and they will give him parental rights for Tyler. They are trying to get custody of the baby for my brother since he is the main care giver for the baby.
I talked to my brother, who is not saved and made a royal mess of his life, that all this was happening because people were praying for him all across the country and he should get on his knees and thank God Because all this was happening because of God. he said he would.
Please continue to pray for this situation and for my brother's salvation.
Thank you all for your prayers and support!


Washer Mom Val said...

Wow - you got my prayers!

Donna's Book Nook said...

Becky--We have an awesome God; this sounds like good news for your brother; I'll continue to pray. Donna

Dee said...

Becky, What a wonderful sister and aunt you are. Your brother is in my prayers as is his son. I pray this situation will bring him to the Lord and that he will have a wonderful testamonie to give one day. Blessings Dee