Thursday, February 26, 2009

I am excited and yet I still feel guilty

I am excited because I lost 2 more pounds! I feel guilty because although I have been working out like a mad women until I literally fall in bed and fall asleep. I have been holding back I do not exercise every day like they want me to. I also do not always eat healthy foods. Like just now I ate my dinner an new casserole from and then had to have an Oreo 100 call snack. Why did I need the Oreo snack? Did I need the Oreo snack or just want the snack? I think I just wanted the snack and I would not eat it if I did not buy it. So why did I buy it? A moment of weakness or is that another excuse. I have many. I need to do this totally and completely. Maybe I would lose more if I was more dedicated. But who is going to eat all those Oreo snacks I bought. I guess I am doing better with that I only ate 1 and will not eat any more I used to eat 2 or 3. O well time for school work and then to bed. Tomorrow is another day.


Donna's Book Nook said...

Becky--You can't beat yourself up when you have a moment of weakness. You're doing many things right. Read Joan's blog "More God=Less Me" (you can get to it from my blog). She has lost 32 pounds and is a real encouragement. Blessings on you today. Donna

Letters From Midlife said...

Congrats on the weight loss! I'm at a stand still but not giving up.