Thursday, April 23, 2009

6 Days till going to my trip

I am so looking forward to seeing my baby girl (who is 25 years old..but still my baby!) and my grandson and son-in-law! I have not seen them since Thanksgiving. I talk to her all the time but it is not the same. I wish they could live closer but o well maybe someday that wish will come true; but for now I praise the Lord that we have a wonderful relationship so we can talk everyday and that my grandson knows who I am. The look on his face when he sees me for the first time at the airport is worth the whole craziness of the flight. I plan to load up my ipod with good Christan music and a book or two to listen to while I am flying. I will also have my lap top with me to do some school work when I can. All of this after taking my Dramamine which will probably make me take a long nap while flying because I know I will not sleep the night before I never do. Anyhow thank you for your comments and prayers for this for me I appreciate them all.
I am planning a day with just me and Ethan; of course I am having a little bit of my crazy mind games about it but next Friday Ethan and I will be alone and I plan to take him till the children's museum and the carousel in town. I am, praying I do not mess this up with my panicky self.

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