Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Montage of Random Thought for Today

I worked today on a different floor than my home floor. I had some time when I could just think about things as I googled between busy times. Here is a montage of my random thoughts for today.

*The first thing I have been thinking of and feeling today is I need to go see my grandmother next week. For some reason I have a very strong NEED to go see my grand mother I can not get her off my mind and I need to see her. The problem is a bunch of crazy things happening trying to distract me from going like I am missing some time from my pay check so it is about 1/2 what I usually make. It will be in my next pay I am told. Then my husband lost his wallet (again). He has been doing that quite a few times lately. My dog sitter reneged on me and I will most likely have to put Tia in a kennel for the time we are gone. But no matter what happens I still have this strong sensation that I need to see my Nana. She is 96 and I have been close with her all my life I have never gone more than a week with out talking to her.

*I had a few patients today who were motor vehicle or ATV accidents. One was a tiny 18 year old boy. Broken bones everywhere! He broke my heart especially when daddy came in to see him and he was so tired from treatments today he could not wake up. Dad was sad. It was sad!

*I want to see my brother and my nephew. I know he went back to his life but I want to see him and Tyler when I get up there. I bought Tyler a T shirt with the hospital logo on it. :)

*I will get a break from school for three whole weeks at the end of this week. I do not want to think while I am off. Sounds silly I know but with school and work I have to be on my game writing papers and taking care of patients watching for any problems. SO I decided for the next three weeks I will only think at work. Everything else besides my devotions and time with God will be filled with fiction, fun and brain rest! I might even go to the beach by my self!

*I need to find a small group to go to. I have had several choices but they do not feel right. I think I will go to one Monday night. I know the leaders and like their style. I need that spiritual accountability.

*I need to plan my husband's 50th birthday party. I decided to make it also a New Year's Eve Party. I need to get info for out of town family and get it moving.

*I think I am suffering from menopause! I have hot flashes so much I feel like I live in a hot house or is it green house any how you get the picture. I live in SC so the temps here are usually in the 80-90 range with humidity it could feel like 100 and something...with a hot flash it feels like 200 and something. How professional do I look when I am visibly sweating and it is dripping down my face when taking care of patients! I feel like I need a cold shower every couple hours!

O well folks that is all for today. I am going to bed I am tired tonight.

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Dee said...

My friend your plate is truly full. I would not ignore visiting your grandma...i pray you will have better days ahead. Dee