Thursday, September 3, 2009


It is late so I will try not to ramble on and on. Any how, last week I was fretting about my brother and the relationship he WAS in and how this woman had a hold of him and he could not see it. Last week they got into a fight AGAIN, a big one. Police were called and my brother was toted off to jail because of it. They took him to the psych hospital because he was drunk. He spent the night there. He called my mom who called me at 2am to let me know about it. he did exactly as they told him and was calm sitting in the corner actually talking to some of the other guys and making sense! When it was his turn he went to talk to the doctor after he allowed the doctor to talk to my mom and get the whole scoop. The doc talked to him for a few hours and released him saying there was no reason for him to be there, so nothing will show up on his record. Mom did not hear anything for a while. Last night I fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the night with a very strong urge to pray for my brother. I did. This morning I woke up to a message from my mom. HE LEFT HER!!! (I am trying to get this all down but I have to tell you I am doing it through tears of joy and Praise for my Lord!!) I talked to him. He is OK! In fact he is great! You have to understand for four years my baby brother whom I love dearly was gone he was not himself. He was violent and loud one minute then crying and hurting himself the next minute. But now he is back!! I actually talked to him three times today just to make sure it was for real! He said after he talked to the doctor he realized he need to get a life for him and for his son. They had an argument last night she kicked him out and instead of getting crazy he called my mom and left! He said she told him he can come to see his son Tyler so that is my prayer now that she will allow him to see Tyler. I will also continue to pray for him as this is not going to be easy.
But all I have to say is PRAISE THE LORD MY BROTHER IS BACK!!!!

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Dee said...

Your love and devotion for your brother is commendable...your prayers for him will go a long way.