Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Plans /Gods Plans

As everyone I have plans for my life. I want to finish school and move on with my career. I want to help cancer pateints with their illnesses. I want to be there to help them to get through their disease. Thats what I want for my career. For my life I want to be in a family that is close. I want to be part of a family who loves spending time together. I want to be the grandma where the grandkids come to spend the night and watch movies laying on the livingroom floor, I want to be the one who has the home where everybody comes for Sunday dinner. (Of course someone else may have to cook...but) I want to take my grandkids to the park just because I wanted to see them today. I want spend time with my dad or my mom whenever I want or when they want me. I want to live close enough to my family so I can be with them on holidays and birthdays and any old day when I want. But what does God want? I live in South Carolina. My family lives in Pittsburgh, my daughter lives in Oregon, my son now lives in Greenville and is moving to Raliegh-Durham. My brother lives in Maine. My family is all spread out. I hate it but what does God want? Will I ever move back home and be close to all my family? Will my kids move closer to me? Will I move to Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvinia? O so many questions. What is God's plan for me? I get so home sick when I am in Pittsburgh. I want to live close to home again. I look at houses for sale and think I can live there. I have searched the jobs in Ohio, West Virginia and home, I know I can work anywhere. If we move it all deprnds on where Kevin can get a job because he is too young to retire. He needs to do work some where, any where.
So what do I do do we take a leap? The housing market is bad right now will we be able to sell our house? Where should we leap to? Hmmm decisions, decision, decisions. What o what Lord should I do now?
For now I will continue in the life which the Lord has made for me. He makes sure I am where I need to be when I am needed there. My dad's brother died today. I was here with my dad. That is what the Lord does for me. I thought I was coming home because my grandmother was in the hospital and not doing well and she was but she is doing ok and now back in her nursing home. I get time to visit my grandmother, and spend with my dad in his tme of need , with my mom, my sisters, my cousin (who was my best friend in a former life we lost each other but God help us find each other again). I am going to see my daughter next month after going to a conference that my work is paying for. The nursing organization I belong to is paying for my flight. So basically I am going to see my daughter and her family for free. That can only come from the Lord because nothing is ever free in this life.
Soooo I will continue to follow the plan set out for me right now. I can't say I will not dream about the future because that would be a big fat lie. I will continue to follow the Lord. I am not the best with reading the word every day. I can't say I am the best at praying for others every day. But one thing I know I am a child of God a Christ follower. God sent His son to die for me and will lead me where He wants me to be if I am willing............

I am willing.

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Donna's Book Nook said...

It's always good to ask what God wants for us--It is always better than what we would chose for ourselves. God bless you as you remain willing to follow Him.