Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Evil Eyes

I took a look on face book last night to see who I could find. I did a little searching into the past of people I once knew. It is then that I saw it and it brought chills down my spine. It was a blast from the past that I did not expect to find when I saw a profile picture and looked into those evil eyes. For a moment I froze as if I were a little girl and the evil eyes were looking at me. Quickly then I realized it was just a picture and I would not be effected by the force of the evil eyes. Strangely though I was drawn to them as if I had to know what evil they had done since I had seen them last. I looked at the friends of the evil eyes. I saw many people from the past, some whom I may not mind to say hello but would never get the chance. The evil eyes will keep me from those old friends I've known because I will never ever again look into those evil eyes.
Yet today I am strangely haunted by the memories of those eyes. Although I do not remember much I remember those evil eyes. The Lord is gracious and only lets us have what we can handle He knows the evil is in my past and I do not need to dwell. So what little I remember I will file back there again. Once I get it out of my head and out there away from me again. I will put it here and move on with the life the Lord has given me and know that I am safe from those evil eyes!

Thank you Lord for saving me!


beckymc said...

I wanted to post this on my other blog but it went here instead. I tried to cut and paste to move it and here is where it stayed. So I guess this is where it is supposed to be.

Dee said...

Is this a story? Or did it really happen to you. It is powerful!

beckymc said...

I would love to say it was justg a story. I have to leave it there.

Washer Mom Val said...

It leaves me with many questions. It leaves me with angst for you and the suffering hidden inside you yet. Dee is right, powerful.