Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Wow! My life is changing. I was once a young and healthy woman...Now I am a middle-aged woman with health problems. My house was full of noise with my kids running around and they are grown and have moved out with families and lives of their own. Empty Nest they call it. I understand this because my nest is definitely empty most of the time. I have more time with my husband which is great we have a wonderful relationship and love to spend time together. I have terrific grandchildren; tomorrow I will have one more and another in December. I absolutely love spending time with them...problem is they all live so far away. I seem to have a but with every positive in this scenario. I am not sure I like change. I like boring. I like normal every day nothing out of the ordinary. I am not a fan of surprises. Well not bad surprises. I mean I love getting presents. I 'm talking about the kind of surprises that stun you.....but then again I guess no one is really a fan of bad surprises. Anyhow...I am trying to cope with all the change in my life. I am afraid I am not doing such a great job. As a Christan I should be able to handle change by depending on God. Problem is as my human self I tend to turn away from God turn into my self. "Pout" my grandmother called it. Trouble is I know I do this and yet I do it again and again. Ok so isn't noticing you have a problem the first step to curing it or taking care of it. Well, Ok, I know I am a poor pitiful sinner! I know God sent His son to die for me because i am a poor pitiful sinner. I have excepted this fact many years ago. So why do I fall into the same old behavior when dealing with change. Change should be a good thing. I should look at change as an adventure and use it to better the kingdom of God. This my prayer for my life since change is evident and expected that I will use every change as a means to praise my Lord and Saviour.

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Donna's Book Nook said...

Sometimes we resist change, but it is definitely a part of life. The only thing that doesn't change is the Lord and His inexhaustible, unconditional love for us.