Monday, February 28, 2011

An answered prayer

Sometimes we do not make a big enough deal out of answered prayers. I know we talk about the big stuff like healed people and mission trips but what about the small stuff? I pray when I drive each morning, (or try to). This morning as I was praying I happened to look at my clock on the dash. I park my car and ride the bus to work in the mornings. The bus leaves promptly at 8:20 if I do not make it I have to drive, put up with traffic and most of all miss my nap. So when I looked at the dash clock this morning I noticed the time ticking away. I added to my prayer Lord please don't let me miss the bus. I am tired this morning. As I got ready to pull into the parking lot I saw the buses coming into the lot both of them ( There are two morning buses I usually catch the latter one.) So I got on the bus as I wanted to. God had answered my simple morning prayer! Praise the Lord!
Well that made me think. I have some friends on my mind this morning because I am getting together with a few high school friends I have not seen or heard from in over 20 years. I have prayed for these girls off and on over the years and very much wanted to connect with them again. Well God answered that pray also! We have all connected again.
Now we are trying to get together. Three of us are meeting in Alabama to catch up and hug on each other for a while. But we very much want to get together with the whole group. All of our lives have taken different turns and detours but a prayer was answered and and we are all back in touch again. I can't help think God has something special in the works with this. If you happen to read my blog please stop now and say a prayer for Laurie, Sherry, Linda, Norma, Margret, and me. Obviously God thought we needed each other again as we once did in high school. Please pray that prayers will be answered for these ladies and we will get together physically in the same place sometime this year. ALL OF US!
Praise the Lord for answered prayer! whether it is a simple as a bus being late or a whole group of people getting back together for morale support. He is in control! and I thank HIM!

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