Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is it God? or am I imagining it?

Sometimes things happen in life that make me wonder is this a message from God? or am I imagining it? Then I feel kinda silly because after all I prayed for this and things are happening.Why do I doubt? I have been at this a long time more than 25 years and still I doubt. Will I doubt up to the end?
For a while now Kevin and I have been praying about moving closer to home. The kids have moved out and have their own families far from us so we are basically here alone, except for friends and my one sister whom I see rarely. An opportunity came up closer to home and Kevin responded by putting in for it. Now things are happening. Is this also God's plan that we move closer to home?
So now I start to think we are in the middle of renovations on our home here. I guess that will help sell it. I have to get a license there, we have to move, find a home.....and on and on and on....
I will trust if this is from the Lord that He will take care of all the odds and ends.
By moving closer to home I have friends and family close by. I can visit my grandmother when I want or feel like it.
So I will trust in the Lord put away my doubt and pray for his guidance and that I know when He sends it.

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themcclellands said...

we'll be praying too! is it in ohio?