Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just some thoughts

Today we are headed to my son's house in NC. His washing machine broke rather is in the process of breaking so when we bought our new appliances for our renovations we added a washing mashine for our son and his family. We are delivering it today with added benefits because I get to see my two grandsons also. that is a great bonus.

I have to take Tia our dog to a new kennel because we can not bring her with us. We are taking her to a new kennel because we have complained about the kennel we've been taking her to for a while so we are trying something different. Hopefully she likes it.

Home renovations are still going on here. We have all the rooms painted. My counter tops are in, granite and wonderful! All my new appliances are here. Now all we need is the floors. We are putting in all wood floors that is the big big big projcet. I hope it will be done soon. I am not a patient person.

Looking forward to some planned trips one with a group of high school friends I haven't seen for almost 30 years. We are all excited and I will update and blog when it happens. Then I am going to see my daughter in April and my brother for my birthday in May.

o well I have to go get a shower and get Tia to the kennel. See ya back here later.

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