Friday, April 15, 2011

The First of Special People Blog

Another of my blog friends Cindy is having a note card give away and one of her commenter had an idea to send 7 note cards in the mail for 7 people who have encouraged me this year. I think what I am going to do is dedicate one blog a month to the person I will send a card to that month to thank them for encouraging me. Since I am at my daughter's house now I will have to stop and get a card for this special person. We are going to get Sharon (dd) some dress pants today so I will get the card. First I would have to say my grandmother who we call Nana would be the first person I want to dedicate a blog and send a card to. She was always there for me when I was a kid and when I was grown up. I moved in with my dad when I was18 and the Jan of the next year my grandfather died. I had not seen him for a while before he got sick. (long story) After that I made sure I spent time with my grandmother and I did every week and sometimes more. She helped me out when my kids were born; came to my house when I was sick to take care of them. She gave me rides to the doctors; in fact I got my license because of her (it was her driving it scared me! LOL!)
When I moved farther away I still made an effort to see her. She had all the family together at her house every Sunday for dinner and of course every holiday. She cooked and baked that was how she showed her love to us. At Nana's you always had to "Eat! get a sandwich! Eat!" Pizzelles are Italian cookies and my Nana made millions of them in her days. She made some for her house every holiday, and a few dozen for everyone else's house.
She was the glue that held our family together. She is still a special lady! She lives in a nursing home back in Pittsburgh. She has some short term memory loss and does not always answer the phone anymore so I send her cards and presents in the mail. So today I am dedicating my first special person blog and card to my wonderful Nana.

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Patsy said...

Grand mothers are beyond special. I have sweet sweet memories of my "Mammy" She lived to be 97 and was a huge part of my life. It really touches my heart seeing how you dedicated this blog to her. I think of my Mammy every single day! I even do some things the way she did....Memories