Thursday, April 14, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook Entry

Outside my window It is dark now. It is 9:44 west coast time so it is later in my world. But I am sitting in my daughters kitchen...Came to spend some time with them.

What am I wearing: Jeans and a brown t-shirt. It has one of those swoop necks I tried to buy some tanks today because I forgot mine and am too old to show cleavage but what I bought was a boys size t shirt tanks instead of mens. SO tomorrow I will have to take them back. I can't forget my funky smiley socks I love them.

What am I reading: I am almost finished with my Dean Koontz book but I have listened to a few books on audio I can recommend. Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo is the story of his son who when he was 4 years old had a near death experience and went to heaven. It was very good and makes you think because this child knew things he could not possibly know as a 4 year old. Take two, three and now listening to four by Karen Kingsbury...I love her!

What I am studying: Right now I am in a class of Teaching and Learning Strategies in Nursing. We are learning how to teach differnt kinds of learners so they actually learn.

What am I thinking: I am still thinking about moving closer to home; then I am here with my daughter and grand sons and thinks about moving here or when I am with my son I think about moving close to him. I am really just all about family and think about living close to my family all the time. I sometimes wish I had the kind of family where everyone would get together for Sunday dinner like we did when I was a child at my grandmothers.

What am I dreaming about: Really the same as above. I pray that it will work out to move closer to home; and my daughter and son and their families will too.

I think that is all for tonight......good night all...

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