Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mickey Mouse and the Triage Nurse

Ok everyone who reads my blog knows I was out on the west coast with my daughter and her family, loving on my boy (the grand sons). The boys started coughing right before I left. I spent my days out there snuggling and loving on the boys. When I got home I started coughing. Last week was OK just your normal sinus stuff because I am allergic to spring. I did not think anything of it. Then over the weekend I started coughing. I went to work yesterday. If you don't know I am a triage nurse in a local cancer center. I answer ALL the sick calls that come into the cancer center. I talk to about 15-30 people on the phone every day, besides talking to other nurses, doctors, pharmacies, home health agencies. In other words I NEED to talk.
Last night I was coughing a lot. I over medicated my self with cough medicine, benadryl, and my nasal spray of course I am a nurse I know how to take care of sick people. I remember looking at the clock last at 2am. So I decided to go to the doctor today. I text my boss to let her know but had full intention of going to work. I called the operators to let them know to let my boss know I would be there after the doctor. I tried to talk. I sounded like Mickey Mouse....My operator co-worker said "What I can't hear you!" I went to the doctor. I have an upper respiratory infection which is draining into my throat and irritating my larynx causing laryngitis! Now remember what I do for a living I TALK!! While sitting in the doctors office I checked email on my phone. Sent my boss a message and told her I would call after I was done there. I called......Its true I sound like Mickey Mouse!! SO I am home today resting my voice hoping it gets better tomorrow after the prescription drugs from the doctor...

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