Sunday, July 22, 2012

I must keep my eyes on God

yesterday was not a good day for me. The travel agency needs me to get some shots or titers to prove I had the shots. I went to a local Urgent Care only to find out I have to pay for these shots because my insurance will not cover it. Looking at my financial situation yesterday on my own just made me cry. I could not remember being this poor since I have become a nurse. Not to mention the bank is most likely going to take the house in SC cause I can not pay for it. I can't even keep up with bills here right now and they really are not bad. So after the urgent care told me I had to pay for shots to work I had a massive melt down! I cried, and cried and cried. I called my mom and cried. I kept talking to God telling him I am doing what you wanted me to do. I am here now and have less money than I have had in long long time. I told Him I am so poor now I am not even going to be able to work because I do not have gas money to get to Cleveland let alone pay for food while I am there.

My husband came home from work and noticed my state of mind. He told me he had forgotten to tell me we have a check from our insurance company for prescriptions I had gotten. The first check was $149.00, the second check is for 29.00. We talked about the shots and decided I should let the agency know I can not pay for them and could they take them out of my first pay. I will know about that tomorrow. He also had some extra cash and sent me to get ice cream sundaes for both of us at the local Tasty Freeze.

I thanked the Lord for him all night because this man he gave me to be my husband really knows me and takes care of me. As I was thanking Him I realized I had not even attempted to read, pray or praise Him I woke up in a foul mood and pretty much got lower and lower in the pit all day.

This morning I went to church Praised the Lord, read the scripture prayed and confessed my sins of doubt and I am much better today!

So the plan is no matter what is happening keep my eyes on God!!! Do you need to change your focus?

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Dee said...

I need to change my focus more than I like to admit...good news is...the Lord is always with me..and with YOU. Things have to get better soon Becky. Sending a HUG. Dee