Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Job New Temporay Home

Well I have been here in my temporary home since last Tuesday. It is an extended stay hotel. It is a decent room with full kitchen and bathroom. I am on the first floor, do not know if I like that. The only problem I have with the room besides the TV stations, which I will talk about in a few, is ants. I noticed them two days ago and tonight I swear I saw a small piece of popcorn moving, I'm not kidding I really saw it!
lets talk about the TV here. It is HORRIBLE! I have 3 ESPN stations, I HATE sports, only watch with hubby and rarely. I have TNT, TBS, Showtime 1&2, and some local stations that is it!!!! I have no Food Network, No Bravo TV, no Lifetime TV, and no ID TV!!! I hate it. I have to say I live on those channels. Now I am here for 13 weeks without them!!! I will deal but I do not like it. I can not watch my Housewives!!!! ;(
I have completed all the stuff for the job except a med test and a ecg test, not like the last one just general knowledge stuff. I am headed home for the weekend then back to start actually nursing in a CANCER hospital on Monday!!! I'll keep ya posted how it goes.

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Dee said...

Gosh...your living primitive...I know I shouldn't laugh about the moving pop corn....but LOL. Maybe you can find a way on the internet to watch your shows. Take care... stay safe.