Monday, October 22, 2012

just some venting

I hate to complain but it seems it is all I do anymore. Ever since we moved here its been one thing after another. I love being here cause it is close to my family. I got to go to my niece's wedding do not know if I could have done that if still living in SC. Next weekend my sister is coming here with my niece, great niece and nephew to go to the pumpkin patch and do some fall festivals. Definitely could not have done that from SC. So why does it seem we get one step ahead then move three back??? Job after job for me here. I am a nurse! Nursing is supposed to be a foolproof career. The kind where you always have a job. Well! I have had job after job here. I thought I could go back to school and that would help but I had to drop a class today because I did not understand it and was failing (school on the internet convenient but it has its draw backs!) So this will move back my graduation date and that may make me loos the job I have now. I have a contract till December because I am community faculty so it is semester to semester by needs. If I had my degree by October next year I could have a full time job there. This is going to mess it up!

So what do I do now? I am lost and do not know what to do. My husband's job is going fine. He loves it. But the mortgage company for our SC house is about to foreclose on us because we can not make two mortgage payments. I have asked for help many times before it came to this but there was always some reason I could not get help. I had to get a lawyer to help me file for unemployment here because of all the mess with that. So hopefully if this job falls through in December I will be able to get unemployment!  

Our dog died; we rescued a dog from the pound. He was cute and playful until he snapped 3 times the last time biting my husband so bad he needed stitches. But they do not stitch dog bites any more so he had dressing shanges twice a day, 2 antibiotics and a tetanus shot!

I need a rest and vacation right now from my own life. I just want to pull  the covers over my head and wake up when everything is wonderful!!
Can I do that please!!


Joyce said...

Goodness you have had a rough go...hope everything settles down and peace is restored.

Washer Mom Val said...

Sounds like Satan is nipping at you more than anything. Be true to who you are and your faith, God will guide your ship - give him the wheel! That is surprising with nursing because the demand and security of it....keep going, it will come. Sounds like the benefits still outweigh the angst. {[Hug}}

Washer Mom Val said...

K - I wrote up this big long thing and couldn't get it to accept it then it all got wiped out! So, shorter recap - hang in there girl. God has you where you need to be it sounds like. Satan is testing you - be faithful. I'll pray your house sells. {{hug}}