Saturday, December 6, 2008

Been thinking a lot today

Yesterday was a very emotional day. Raw feelings open. The past two years my moms family who had once been very close with me cast me out because I helped my mom and let her and my grandmother move in with me. My mom made some bad decisions before that move and because of them I have been treated like an outcast to a family that I was once very close to. I am told the place where my Nana was placed although not pretty is a good place. She will be taken care of and have plenty of functions to keep her busy.
Just wanted to put a touch of background here. Today I have been thinking a lot. Maybe I was treated badly because the other family members were feeling like I was yesterday, as in my last post.
SO I decided to let God have control. He gave me two wonderful years with my grandmother here with me. It was wonderful to have her around again. Now it is time for her to go back home to Pittsburgh. I accept that. I trust God and I do not feel any guilt in any way where my grandmother is concerned. I have always made her a part of my life. I have never went more than 1 week to talk to her. I have been in SC for 12 years and have called her every week sometimes twice a week. The past two years have been a blessing from the Lord, and He is in control. I know that. I except it.


Washer Mom Val said...

Wow. Reading the prior post and then this one - you amaze me at the way God is helping you through this difficult time. Hang in there and I'll say an extra prayer for you tonight. Dear Sister-in-Christ - know your family is larger than you even know.

beckymc said...

Thank you. I just can not let anger dig into me and plant its seeds. I do not know how I will react when I finally see these people again, but for now I have to rely on God

lookuptoday said...

God will bring you peace and also peace to your beloved Nana. He is good like that! Dee