Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas does not feel the same......but still I rejoice

Hello all. Christmas is not the same for me since the kids have grown up and got married. Sharon lives in the north west with her family and her in-laws. Bryan and his wife live up state but money is tight for all and she is 8 months pregnant.

I remember when the kids were young. We would decorate the tree and put out all the lights. They got so excited to get ready for Christmas. Our biggest challenge each year was where to hide the gifts so my son would not find them. Christmas Eve we would go to spend the day with Kevin's family. We would have dinner then Santa would come. He would talk to all the kids and then we opened presents. Christmas day we got up early the kids opened their presents. We wnet to the 10am service at church then down to my dad's house to celebrate with my sisters. After dinner we would go to my grandmothers house see the rest of the family, my grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousins and their families and celebrate again. Food was everywhere, at everyplace. When we moved here we would celebrate all day with our family and maybe go see a movie but we were still a family together.
Now it is just Kevin and I. I haven't had Christmas at my house since Sharon moved out. We had CHristmas in Kentucky the year Sharon got married. I had Christmas in the north east with Sharon the year Ethan was born. Last year we celebrated on New Years the whole family came to town and we spent time together. This year just Kevin and I. I am blessed because my family are all healthy and have some kind of income, even if my son in law's is unemployment at this time he is in school to further his career and they are doing well.
I praise the Lord for my family.
At this time of year I try to focus on what the holiday is really about. It is about a babe in the manager who came to die so my family and I could have everlasting life. A gift of grace given before there was a me, before I had a family. He knew my name and He sent this special gift. Thank you Lord for my Christmas gift. I love and adore you.


lookuptoday said...

Hi Becky, i feel pretty much the same as you. The kids are grown and are not able to ,come to our house for Christmas anymore but like you i have fond memories and a lot of pictures of Christmas's past.Now We just send money for them to buy gifts. And that may soon change as GM will be lowering our pension and insurance. But from all of this,like you, i understand what Christmas is all about,and as a believer i can live Christmas every day! Heavenly Blessings. Dee

Washer Mom Val said...

Feeling "guilty" we aren't in Canada for Christmas so it is interesting to hear you miss you children and know my parents feel the same way. You have great memories and traditions I'm sure your children are creating their own with their children. My parents invite other friends over on Christmas Day when they don't have any of us children home. Your focus is great - Jesus is the reason for the season! Be well.

Gina said...

Becky, thank you for sharing your Christmas memories. I will be praying for you and your family. It is so hard to be far away from them. I so enjoyed the pictures, your house is beautiful.

Merry Christmas and may the Lord truly bless it.


Glenda, saved by grace said...

This is life...Your just in another phase.
The Lord bless you.