Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Decisions.....not always easy to know the right way to go

Decisions is not always easy to make the right decision and/or to know which way the Lord is leading you. I am going to have to make a decision. I am a nurse, I think I told y'all that before. I work with oncology patients, mainly have worked with women's Cancers in the past but have worked with men also. Now I am working with a breast surgeon, and an endocrine surgeon in a clinic type setting. I love both of my doctors and my NP. I love being a nurse (I never want to give the impression I do not like being a nurse. I feel I was called to be a nurse. In fact if I won the lottery and got millions of dollars I would have a hard time staying away from nursing in some way.) OK now back to the decisions. Because of budget cuts we will be making changes in the ambulatory care facility where I work. I love spending time with patients either in person or on the phone how ever the patient needs me. I found out after Jan 09 our clinic style will change. The style was I work with specific doctor on their clinic days and have 1-2 days of down time to get behind the scenes work done like sick calls, other patient call like test results, need to get this test or that, charting what happened for each patient in my clinic, those type of things. The things that keep the nurse connected to the patient even after they have seen their doctor. Come Jan 09 the behind the scene days will be cut to 1/2 day. leaving barely enough time to chart.
On the other hand I recently talked to a nurse manager in the hospital to get extra shifts because of cut backs and calling me off. She hired me part time and told me I can work when ever and what ever shift I want. I have been thinking lately with all the changes coming to the clinics. Do I want to work full time in the hospital again? Pros of hospital work; I know what to expect (it is hard work), 3 12 hour shifts as apposed to 5 days a week, more money for off shifts. Cons it is hard, back breaking work,leave the doctors and people I work with ( I Love them), I will have to work week ends and holidays..
I am trying to weigh this all out in my brain......where does the Lord want me?......what does He want me to do?.. AM I struggling with this decision because the Lord is moving me to another place and I am rejecting His will?
I think what I have decided to do is wait around and see how bad or good the changes are then make my decision. I think I will try it out before I run from the change......even if I want to right now. .... What do you think????


Washer Mom Val said...

Pray. Pray and pray some more. God leads when the spirit follows. God will also be there with you no matter what decision you make - he doesn't abandon us. Peace be with you as you make your decision. A nurse is a noble career - you will always find people to nurture.

lookuptoday said...

That is a big decision to make! I think waiting is good, and also putting your pros and cons on paper next to each other for you to see, helps. List every thing, from how will it affect your health, your home life with hubby,to do you need the money ect. Then pray till you find peace about the decision. The Lord is not the Lord of confusion. I will be praying for you also. Merry Christmas Dee

Donna's Book Nook said...

I am a nurse also, but I retired in October. Even that was a hard decision, but the work was getting too hard for me. I love the people I worked with, and have kept in touch. So I understand some of your dilemma. I think you're wise to wait a bit, and pray about it. God will give youa peace about your decision.