Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just a few thoughts

We have been hearing an abundance of news about the economy and GM bail out. I have some problems with that. I am sorry, I feel bad for all the workers who will lose their jobs but do not agree with the bail out.
I remember in 1980's my step dad worked for United States Steel. They went under and closed a ton of mills. There was no bail out package. There was no government help. My step dad lost his job along with hundreds of others. I remember how depressed he was and how bad things got for my family. There was no government help. My mom and step dad lost everything. He lost his job and his dignity. They lost the house we grew up in, it went up for sheriff's sale. They had to moved to another state with my younger brothers. My youngest sister was 18 so we stayed in Pennsylvania. The rest of the family moved to Maine. My step dad tried for many years to get another job. He got a few jobs but never anything substantial. Finally the stress of it all eventually took his health and then took his life. He died at the age of 43. He had a massive heart attack while training to become a truck driver. He made it home only to see my mom and go to the hospital. He died in the ambulance. My brothers were 14 and 15 years old.

SO I am sorry I do not get the bail out thing are we trying to make up for mistakes from the past? Will the bail out package make sales better in the future? Will the workers be able to continue to work there? Or will this bail out package just postpone the inevitable and GM will lay off hundreds of workers like US Steel did.

I do not mean to ugly or mean at Christmas time but the fact is this company can not make it anymore. Terrible as it sounds people will loose jobs. The money in the bail out package will not go to the layed off workers. It will go to management big wigs who made the bad decisions in the first place. If this bail out package went to workers like my step dad to pay their mortgage or keep the lights on I would be the first one to vote YES!! But it will not, those workers will never see a dime of the bail out money.
This subject has been weighing heavy on my mind lately. Like the title of my blog says these are just my thoughts.


lookuptoday said...

Hi, Your not being mean or nasty.I don't think any one knows what to do. To me, the country is like the titanic when it got hit by the ice burg and as it began to sink everyone scrambled to get off. I am sorry to hear the story of your family when the steele co. went under. I am fearful the same will happen again. It so sad. Dee

Gina said...

I am so sorry for your loss. It must have been a terrible time in your life and the lives of your family. I can't imagine the stress your family had to life through.

I am also glad you were able to express your thoughts.

My husband worked for all three of the auto companies at one time or another and yes, there were some very bad decisions made, but what most of the country doesn't know is that they were trying to move into the next phase by researching and making fuel efficient vehicles and hybrids. The average consumer didn't want them, they wanted the big moms needed the extra room. It is the old supply and demand thing. It wasn't until the gas went through the roof that all the upheaval began.

The bailout isn't a bailout, it is a loan that the companies will be required to pay back with interest. Unfortunately it is not only the auto workers that will be without work, it is the suppliers, restaurant owners, hotel personnel, factories that forge the material, retailers and subsequently every other business including utility companies and construction workers. There have also been hospitals that have had to close buildings because of the loss of insurance. We are talking over four million people, not just the million or so that work or are retired from the big three.

I am angry that our government just gave(GAVE)Wall Street 700 billion dollars without having to pay back a dime, yet won't help the other companies that need help. (I have to say they should have stepped in to help the steel workers too!!) I feel the government is working hard at eliminating the middle class.

Thank you so much for your thoughts and giving us all the opportunity to debate this issue.

You are a blessing and I am so glad you are back online, I have missed reading your thoughts.

beckymc said...

Thank you for you thoughts on this subject. I agree I do not think the goverment should have bailed out Wall Street either. It should be what is good for one is good for all. If you help one you help the other. I do not even think a bail out was on anybodies mind back in the 80s and 90s when the steel mills were going under. It was just all business. I am so sorry to hear that many people will be out of work and I do agree the goverment or those in power in the goverment are trying to eliminate the middle class.

Thank you Gina. I am glad to be back on line.

Glenda, saved by grace said...

You are so right about all this. My brother drives a car hauler for G.M. and he is getting his lay off notice just any day.The problem is "those at the top" I'm talking about greed! The ones with the six figure salaries, from the heads of hospitals to the ball players on down. The problem is we (the consumer) continue to support them. How stupid to buy a 50,000. car.People do it not because they need it, but because thats the standard of the world. People pay hundreds of dollars to go watch a ballgame, how stupid. They should go watch a little league game or something, but again the world says this is the thing to do...
I say christians should get back to the standards of the word of God.
O my goodness listen to me rant!
I'm sorry
You did open a can of worms!
♥ Glenda