Saturday, January 10, 2009

7 things about me

Ok, I was first tagged by Cindy and then by Donna so I will add my seven things about myself.

1. Although I was never sold Mary Kay like Cindy and Donna I sold Avon for a year or so. Never really made any money always owed more than I got. That was before I was a nurse. I also before nursing worked as a gas station cashier in one of those locked behind the window places. I also worked in a store that made homemade ice cream and candy (that was a delicious job I had an ice cream break every time I worked!), and in a mail order pharmacy first in the packing department and then as pharmacy tech. I worked in a factory when I was much younger for exactly 11 days got reprimanded for getting up from my machine to get a drink of water and left at break time never went back.

2. I am second to the oldest in my family of eight brothers and sisters. I have 2 step sisters one older and one younger than me. Three sisters all younger, and two half brothers younger than me. But as far as I am concerned we are just all brothers and sisters.
3. Like Donna I too love to write. I write short stories and poems. I had a couple articles published in a nursing magazine and a few poems published on I would love to write a book but do not think I have enough to say for a whole book. My dad and step mom told me I should just write about our family. They say the drama could be a top mini series. I have to agree with that part.
4. I am a nerd at heart. I love to read and I love the computer. But I was a total pothead when I was in high school. (It was in the 70's a total life time ago before Christ.)
5.I love to read fiction any kind of fiction. I like romance but not the trashy stuff. I read a lot of Danielle Steele had to stop for a while. I love suspense right now I am hooked on Dean Koontz. (Between school work that is)
6. I am in college on the Internet to get my bachelor's degree in nursing and want to continue to get my masters and maybe teach nursing students.
7.I am sometimes afraid of the dark; well not really the dark I think it is what is in the dark that I can not see. There are always lights on at my house.


Donna said...

Thanks for sharing your list of 7 things. Also, your grandson is beautiful. I hope both you and your mother can continue to enjoy watching him grow up. Donna

lookuptoday said...

I love your toatal honesty. Being a pot head? lol. I never smoked pot but knew a few who did.:) Dee

Gina said...

Again, it is so interesting to read about peoples lives...I loved getting to know you a little bit better.

Congrats on your new grandson, he is beautiful.