Sunday, January 11, 2009

Aliens in this world

I know I am an alien to this world. I have heard it many times. In this world we have many wonderful miracles from our Lord births of babies, marriges of loving people, cures for diseases,even the nature around us that scream His name. Why does it seem like when God sends a miracle the world sends a disappointment. As a Christan woman I try to focus on the Word of God and act as I should to the world to let them know I am a Christ follower. As a human woman I get angry at certain things and want to strike out.
I should explain a little. As you know we were blessed by a beautiful baby boy a few days ago. I took my mom, who got hurt at work a few weeks ago and was depressed, up to see our baby. It was wonderful. The visit was magical. My daughter in laws family is wonderful and welcome us into their home, where she and my son live with open arms. It was truly wonderful.
Today my mom got a call from her sister, her only sister. Just to give you some back ground my mom took total care of my grandmother without any help from her sister for 8 years; 16 total is you count the first operation my gram had to bring my mom back to her home town and move in with my gram. About 1 1/2 years ago my mom moved and brought my grandmother here. I along with my mom took care of her here(with no help for sister I might add). Mom moved into her own place with my grandmother and then Nana (my grandmother) got to much for mom to handle and she had to go to a nursing home. Sister decided her mother should be moved back to Pittsburgh, so they arranged it and mom took Nana back to Pittsburgh. While my mom was taken care of my grandmother her sister kept accusing her of stealing my grandmothers money. My grand mother had a small account to bury her and her ssi check got deposited into a saving account attached to a checking account with her and moms name on it. Mom used Nana's money to help pay bills, which it what is would have been used for if my grandmother lived on her own, ya know. Well back to the present. mom was supposed to send paper work on the bank account up to the nursing home where my grandmother is staying she got hurt and was unable to move the boxes, so she has not done it yet. Today she got a call from her sister who told her she was suing her for stealing my grandmother money. Because the lady called my aunt to tell her she had not gotten paperwork from my mom yet. When my mom tried to tell her sister she fell and was hurt unable to lift anything her own sister told her she did not care about her problems and she was suing her. It made me so mad I just wanted to call her and tell her off, punch her or something like that.
Of course I will not but it just made me think about how much we are aliens to this world. God preforms a beautiful miracle and evil has to make something happen to take away the joy. It makes me sad to think about someone so bitter; but I choose to instead focus on the Joy the Lord has given me and my new sweet sweet grandson.


lookuptoday said...

Hi Becky, What a handsome boy baby Asher is. He looks so healthy and ready for this world. The picture of you with him is a keeper. You have that adoring grandma look. It will be fun to see him in a few months when he chunks up. After reading your post,i would have no problem punching your moms sister either,. Your poor mom and grandma. Thank God they have you in their life. No matter how hard- just keep doing the right thing even if no one else is. Your aunt has bitterness and that is a deep seeded root of anger or envy. She will prpbably take it to the grave unless she can confess it and give it to the Lord. If you can, pray this healing for her. Just keep your eyes on God and adorable little Asher. Your friend. Dee
p.s. I was glad to be in church. Fortunately for me the latest snow was south of me. They got 9 inches.

mcclellandmama said...

ohhh my mama in law...i'm so sorry to hear about all of this. i know that it's got to be hard on you and grammy. bry is sleeping right now, but when he finds out he'll be really angry too. i have confidence in the Lord though that it'll all work out. If aunt carol isn't careful all of her hard work to get grammy is going to come back and bite her in the butt. is it wrong to hope that it does?? :) you should probably take the advice from your friend of praying for healing instead of daydreaming about revenge, but sometimes i can't help it.
On the bright side, my milk is coming in and asher is eating really well. he tried to suckle bryan's nipple the last time bry was holding him! :) love you.