Saturday, June 13, 2009

a positive attitude

I have decided I am going to have a positive attitude and just visit the family. There are issues all around me that could make me angry enough to want to punch someone and ruin my day and my trip; but I refuse to allow it. I decided I will visit my family and enjoy the time I have with each of them. I will visit my Nana, grandma, everyday I am here and then I will go home. If I dwell on the negatives it will just make me feel bad. So I choose to let the Lord deal with the negatives because he is much better at that than me. Because vengeance is His, and they will reap what they sew.
Today I had a very nice visit with my grandmother. We sat in the dining room because I was forbidden to take her even out to the porch (trying not to be angry about all this). We talked for over an hour and had a great number of laughs. yesterday we took the baby to see her and we will take him again tomorrow.
I'll post some pictures when I get back.


Dee said...

Good choice-not easy-but it is what God would want you to do for grandma and for you,. I admire you so much Becky. Dee

Washer Mom Val said...

Atta girl - great plan - keeping postivie is work, the devil sneaks in those nasty thoughts sometimes. I'll pray you continue on your good path of enjoying what God gives you in such a positive way. Prayers supporting you.