Monday, June 8, 2009

This and that and a few other things

I have been thinking about a few things.

When and why is it that the child becomes the parent?
I have noticed in the past two years with my mom that I have become more of a parent figure to her. Actually we have had a different kind of relationship all my life. Since my parents divorce when I was 11 we have had more of a friend relationship than parent-child. Sometimes she just seems to me to be acting like an unruly teenager than a grown up responsible person.

My job is very stressful at times but I absolutely love what I do. I am an oncology nurse on a busy surgical floor. We see many patients with head and neck cancers. Over the weekend I was in charge of the unit. We tend to get attached to our patients because most of them are back and forth several times or they are there for a long time. One particular patient had a few emergencies over the weekend, three to be exact. Finally at the end of the shift yesterday we sent him to one of the units. He is OK, but it also makes me feel good that I was able to see a problem arise and act on it. The team of doctors was great too; they most always treat us nurses like part of the team. That is a big plus.

I still have one more year of school fro my bachelors in nursing. In my haste to be done with all this I thought since I did not see any more classes on my roster that I was done in June. last week I got a phone call from one of the school counselors stating I needed to pick 3 elective classes. I was shocked! I told her I was done in June and she proceeded to tell me no I had 1 more year. I am done in June but 2010 not 2009! O well there goes my summer of leisure. I will be studying just like I am now.

My daughter. My daughter and her husband had a long talk. It was good. She baffles me some times. She told me she does not know why he loves her. She can not find reason in herself for him to love her. All the darkness she but herself into as a teen must have clouded her judgement and made her not like herself. Her childhood was good at least according to her twin brother who was treated exactly the same at home as she was. I know why he loves her and try to let her know that all the time because I love her too. More than words can say. Does parenting every get easier I wonder?

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Gina said...

I think this is why it is called the sandwich generation. We are taking care of parents and children as well as ourselves. I was doing the same thing with my parents until my mom died, dad has since remarried and I am not responsible for him anymore (a good feeling to say the least) and our middle daughter has issues, so we are always watching out for her. It does seem like it never ends.

I am so sorry you still have classes to take, that must have been discouraging. Thank the Lord He is in control and has your life in His hands. Hang in there girl.