Monday, June 1, 2009

Random Thoughts

I have been so busy lately with family, school, work and stuff that I allow to take my time like face book I haven't had much time to post. I have had several ideas of what to post from day to day but computer issues have been driving me crazy. My computer needs overhauled badly but because of school and papers to write I have been stalling at least until classes are done IN THREE WEEKS!! So I thought I would just throw out some of the random thoughts that have been in my brain.
  • **My mom was rear ended by a drunk driver as she was minding her own business driving in my jeep up the interstate in West Virginia headed home to Pittsburgh. She had driven 11 hours and was only 2 hours away. Praise the Lord she was not hurt!! But I can not stop thinking thoughts about the driver of the vehicle that hit her. Did he see her? Was he sleeping or passed out? Did he try to run away? (He passed her and was headed off the interstate when his car quit.) Why do bad things happen to good people? I know there is no simple answer to that question and I will not truly understand it until I get to heaven but it lingers from to time.
  • **Cell phones, I am addicted to mine. I have a black berry so I can keep up with my life. What did I do before cell phones and why is this phone so important to me. I think it is because my family all live so far away and with my phone I can be constantly connected to them. They can call me anytime or send me a message, picture or video. Just yesterday I got a video of my 3 yr old grandson singing "This little light of mine." It is darling and I have played it several times. I sometimes think do I love this phone because I am a control freak and want to have control of everything in my life including my family?
  • **Face Book, started out as a web page several years ago for college age student to keep in touch with each other. What has bloomed now is a huge social network of people of all ages. Do these social network web pages hinder our day to day interactions with people because we are so used to being in our own little room typing and not face to face anymore?
  • **Family. Family is the most important thing to me in this life. My husband, children and grand children and also my parents, brothers and sisters. My parents divorced in an ugly battle when I was 11. Both mom and dad remarried which added more sisters and brothers to our family. I remember as a little girl praying before I even knew Christ as my saviour to please fix my family. Well, He has. Mom, Dad and my Step mom are very much on friendly terms these days. In fact My dad and step mom traveled to WV with my sister to get all my moms stuff! But the devil is always trying to mess up the good the Lord has done. My youngest brother is in a bad relationship and he has a child. The women he is involved with has threatened to take his child away if he interacts with us. She has even suggested the child may not be his. SO we have no way to contact to him by phone. I however continue to send letters, cards and other stuff to him by mail so he knows I love him and will not give up on him.

I think that is enough random thoughts for now. I may post more later but for now I have school work to get to so I will stop. I hope all are having a great day and God's peace be with all of you.

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Dee said...

Hi,Good to hear from you. I have been busy also with graduations, and family stuff. I have some pictures for my blog but my computer is also having issues. Thanks for sharing your random thoughts. Gods peace to you to my friend. Dee