Sunday, August 16, 2009

Can't say NO

I have figured out I have a problem my problem is I can't say "NO". I am going to work on that. Because of this problem I have I completely over commit myself to the point of exhaustion. I think I do too much and because of this I don't always do what God wants me to do and I am so busy I can't hear Him. SO I will keep the commitments I have made. I will continue school and of course I have to work, but I talked to my boss and one day a month I can do a management day for work projects. Yes, there are some things I have to do to keep my pay level I am a clinical nurse 3. SO I will do those and a few things I mentioned to my boss that I thought would be good ideas for our unit and she told me that is great YOU can do that. I can do those things on the one management day a month. By the way all of the work projects will look good on a resume. I will help with ONS (Oncology Nursing Society), I am secretary until 2011. This only has once a month commitments also.
But I have been doing all this stuff for me and not listening to God as he has been calling my heart to work for Him. I have worked with youth all my Christan life but have not for the past few years. I think I am being called back to that. I am going to the youth meeting this week to check it out and I will be praying and spending quiet time with God to see if this is the work He wants me to do.

My prayer is "Lord please help me to see what You want me to do and where You want me to work for your kingdom. Please do not let me crowd my life with stuff that gets in the way of You. Thank you Lord."


Dee said...

Hi, If you think you are being called to work with the youth, then you probably are. God will provide you the time. Just take the first steps towards that diredtion.

Gina said...

Becky, a friend of mine told me one time that "no" can be a very anointed word. Since then, I have used it and boy, what a difference it has made in my life. If you feel you being led to do some thing for God, just keep praying about it and seeking Him, He will really confirm it in your heart.