Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yesterday was a sad day

Yesterday was a sad day. I went to the funeral of my friends 35 year old brother. Apparently their dad died in his early 30s also. It was sad for me to see the family of this young man so devastated. I could not help thinking about my baby brother who has his life so screwed up. Lesley, Carey's brother had diabetes and dealt with the complications on a daily basis. My brother, Tom, is healthy. (at least I think he is.) Lesley, had outwardly excepted the Lord and told people about his faith although he did not go to church he had a strong faith in God. My brother is not saved. Lesley has a daughter who is 16 and crushed. My brother has a 2 year old whom he adores.
My brother is a mess at times, he lives with an abusive woman who tries to control his every move. He puts up with it because of his son. It breaks my heart. Every few weeks they have a knock down drag out fight where usually my brother gets hauled away, because who could believe this man could be dominated by the small framed woman he lives with. Monday night was one of those nights. He started drinking again, that's a big problem for him. He says he wants to stand up get a job, because he is not allowed to work another woman may look at him and want him. SO he stays at home and watches my nephew while she works. He says he wants to get a job and place of his own, so he can file for custody of Tyler and be rid of all the other aggravation. I pray he does; I am so afraid I will be going to a funeral of another 30 something year old in the near future and it will be my own brother. My heart breaks when I think about it.


Donna's Book Nook said...

It is SO hard to see our loved ones going through such tough times. I am sorry for the loss of this friend, and I know you are hurting for your brother. I pray he will be able to get out of that situation. Donna

Glenda, saved by grace said...

I know what you mean Becky. When I see an obituary of a young person I cringe. I am so thankful that your friend was a christian. I will pray for his family. As far as your brother goes, NEVER give up. Don't inable him, but always LOVE him and tell him how much the Lord loves him. I had a brother like that...I love him so much it hurts. He's 48 now and away from the evil witch and doing ok for himself.Remember "this too shall pass".
Love ya girl!

Dee said...

I am so sorry for your loss and can stand in the gap for your brother..pray for him to have his life turn aroung towards God as he passes through this tough time in his life. God knows how to reach him and who to place in his path.

Anonymous said...

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