Thursday, August 20, 2009

Makes me sad

I just saw a picture of my grandson Asher on facebook posted by his other grandmother, my daughter-in-law's mom. It makes me sad. My children both live by their in laws and it makes me sad. I only have two children and both of them moved away. I am sorry I am really having a pitty party for my self right now and almost cried when I saw my sweet Asher on facebook. I must be overly emotional now or something. Because it usually does not effect me this way. Sometimes though I just get to feeling BLUE about it. I always wanted to be my grandmother who had all the family at my house for Sunday dinner. I know times have changed and I actually moved away from my parent s too. Maybe I am to blame for my kids moving away. By me moving away I gave them the freedom to do it too.
I am sorry to be so negative today......Maybe I should go to bed now and wake up tomorrow with a whole new attitude....Goodnight.

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Dee said...

I am sorry Becky that you are sad...i get the blues about my son and his little family. We only see them twice a year but i find we are extra special to them because they don't get to see us and we are the fun Nonnie and PaPa that is excited to see them and plays with them and hugs them to death when we do see them and sends lots of fun stuff in the mail. I had my oldest grandson all most every day of my life and though i was blessed to share his life, i also had to discipline and got to see his really naughty side. He loves us very much, but there isn't the thrill to see us that the others have. When you are missing Asher, get on the phone to him, write him a story, draw a picture etc, and mail it to him. That's what i do and it helps.