Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just my crazy thoughts

For all of you who are my face book friends you know I have gotten sick AGAIN. They say a mind is a terrible thing to waste but I gotta tell ya my mind goes crazy when these times happen. As many know I am a nurse so that is bad enough but I am also a cancer nurse so that is very very bad when I am not feeling well and trying to relate illnesses to a main cause. When I get these illnesses I have pain in my right side which is where I have had problems for a long time. My liver is on my right side so my crazy mind goes off on the liver cancer symptoms. I am not jaundice my eyes and finger nail beds are all pink as they should be and not yellow which would indicate liver damage. But, what about this pain maybe it is some slow growing cancer that only gives me pain when I am having problems. This is all crazy I know but this is what is called having a little bit to much knowledge. So I get my mind all crazy about that scenario which only adds to the carppiness of my mental state when I am hugging the toilet. Sorry that is not a pretty picture. As I begin to feel worse and worse with every trip to the bathroom the mind races to other things that could be causing this. I am a diabetic so maybe I am having complications from diabetes. Then my crazy mind runs over all the complications that could be causing me to get sick so much.
I have to get it all out of mind so I chose to place it here. I do not know for sure if I will be able to keep the crazy thoughts from my mind when feeling bad. But, I am feeling better now have not hugged the toilet for several hours and have eaten some scrambled eggs and a few hours latter some saltines with a little peanut butter. Right now I feel ok but I have no idea when this will come back seems like it was only a few weeks ago when it happened. I am going to go talk to the doctor tomorrow and see if we can get to the bottom of this and put my crazy mind to rest.

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Dee said...

Becky, I hope by the time you read my comment that you are feeling better and have some kind of answer to your health problem. Like you I some time think a strange pain or symptom might be the thing that gets me. Especially now that I am (gulp) in my 60's. Take care...Dee