Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A New Day

There must be someone out there who needs to read this today because after I wrote it and tried to publish it it all disappeared letting me know I was doing the right thing by writing it. So here I go again.
Last night I was a little blue feeling sad and scared. Today I feel better after reading my devotion and praying to my Lord. I am not perfect. I am fat. (I know this I have been most of my life). I am insecure why I do not know because my husband has been by my side every day of my life since I was 17. I am lazy; I would rather play on the computer, read a book or watch TV than to exercise. I have never been a physical person. Yesterday all of this made me feel sad and blue. Today I realize after reading my devotion and listening to God I am not perfect and will never be. But He loves me anyway. He sent his son Jesus Christ to die for me even though I am fat, insecure and lazy and many more things I know or do not know. He still loves me. I made a commitment to follow my savior about 26 years ago and I still do most days. I read my bible. I pray. I confess my sins. But somedays I just do not feel loved. I feel fat, insecure and lazy. Especially on those days I should try to remember as I battle my old selfish nature that Jesus died for me! He knew I would be this way. Knew everything about me before I was born; knew I would write this today that blows my mind.

So if you are feeling sad, blue, or low just remember Jesus died for you and for me. He loves us all; even fat, insecure, lazy me.

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