Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Morning SIckness??

HMMMM! Is it morning sickness or just something I ate the night before? Was my blood sugar high because I ate too much the night before? This morning I woke up terribly nauseated and ---. You get the picture. As I sat on the bathroom floor hugging the toilet my husband after checking on me to see if I was OK said. "Maybe its morning sickness and you are pregnant,hahahaha!" After I could move I went back into bed called work because I was supposed to go in a few hours later and told them and also left a message for my boss. That was about 6am, I was due in at 11. I feel back to sleep. About 9am my boss called to check on me; she also joked maybe its morning sickness we will have a shower for you. Ha ha ha I laughed and feel back to sleep after the call. I woke a few hours later actually feeling better. I made a cup of tea and drank it with no problems. Then my crazy old menopausal mind started to wonder........what if I was pregnant??....how would that happen since I have had a hysterectomy???? Why it would be a miracle....that meant if I was pregnant then this child would be a special gift from God......First of all I do not have the parts is that even possible??? Anything is possible with God!! Second I am too old I will be 49 in a few months.....That does not matter to God.....I take medications what if I had a child with a handicap such as downs syndrome??? Well, if God gave me a child with handicaps there would be a reason and I would do what I needed to do......CRAZY TALK!!!!! YOU OLD FOOL!!!
But what if it was not crazy???? I feel perfectly fine now!!!
HMMMMM! Just crazy random thoughts from a menopausal woman who woke up nauseated!


Dee said...

LOL. It would be a miracle from God and you would be very famous. I am glad your feeling better. If you get sick every morning...???...well who knows. I still believe in miracles.

Donna's Book Nook said...

It's funny, the path your mind can take, especially when you're not feeling real well. At least your "morning sickness" provided some humor for your hubby and boss.