Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My view on Sarah Palin and Other News Items

I am a fan of Sarah Palin. I actually like her and would vote for her for her. I like her politics. I like her spunk. I like that she is not like all the rest. I hope she runs because she would have my vote. I think any show that takes shots at her through her children is absolutely uncalled for. It is horrible the child is only 1 year old.
I am at my dad's condo in Myrtle Beach until Wednesday of this week. I was in the other room when I heard a interview with some idiot(I usually do not call people this but this guy was...as you will see) He was talking about "fat people" spurned by the man who got kicked off the plane because he was too fat. He was extremely rude. He was talking about how "fat people" were wrong and caused their own problems because they at too much and blah blah blah. I can not believe someone would blast someone for a physical ailment. I happen to be over weight myself and I would be mortified if I was called out off a plane.

Oprah, since she went out of her way to stand for President Obama I really have no interest in her or what she has to do or say. I do believe she does a lot of good things but who gets the glory for what Oprah does. Oprah does!

The vice presidents weekend debate I think the media is blowing way out of proportion. My dad watches Fox News so I have lived Fox News this week and quite frankly I am tired of hearing about the weekend debate. Is it going to change anything in our government or how they deal with issues NO so let it go!

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