Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Every time I visit home

Every time I visit home I am so homesick. I would move back tomorrow if I could and I do not know why this happened all the sudden. I have been away from Pittsburgh for 14 years. Maybe it is because my grandma is getting so old and is in a home. Maybe its because my kids are grown and not coming back to South Carolina. Maybe its because Maybe its because my dad will not be coming down for a few months in the winter time any more.I do not know why all I know is I am sooo homesick. I look at houses all over town and think we could live there. But Kev would need to leave the company he is with now and that would not be a wise idea. But maybe, we can get close.......
That is what I am praying for these days.

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Dee said...

I do hope you will one day be able to find a way to get closer to your family. I would love to move in between my kids so the trip to see my grands in the south was not so long and I could still see the grands in the North. But my Frank is tied to the University Of Ann Arbor Mich. till he gets his heart transplant and then a year or so after. Bummer.