Monday, June 14, 2010

My body is getting older

I sometime feel much older than I am. I sometimes feel much younger than I am. My mind sometimes thinks I am still a young 20 something then I wake up and my body reminds me I am not. I woke up yesterday morning feeling a bit shaky, I looked at the number on the glucometer and it was low. I ate quickly to get the number up and the shakiness continued. When this happens I feel my insides shaking. I literally feel my whole insides shaking. I try to get passed it and I can not; no matter what I try to do I feel the shaking inside. So I reteat and head back to bed. When I am in my bed and sleeping I do not have to deal with it. My body will adjust itself as I sleep and the world passes me by.

I know who I am and how old I am. I also know the Lord loves me. When I have moments like that above I can not think passed the black whole that my feeling put me in. But I know "the show must go on" to quote Freddie Mercury of Queen (now I am really showing my age). SO today is a new day. I got read my devotion for the day in Psalm 113 where David talks about being in the pit and trusting in God to get him through. So today I will trust Him and He will keep me going.

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