Friday, June 4, 2010

I chose the High Road

Today, actually yesterday was a crazy day. It is 4am now on Friday. It was Thursday that was crazy. Early Thursday am I was sitting here at work. I had a few minutes so I checked my facebook. I got a new message, I went to look to see who it was from and my heart sunk. It was from my cousin, who's mom has been stirring things up where my grandmother is concerned. Before I even read the message I got a sick feeling in my stomach. Once I read it I knew why. It was mean and vicious and actually at one point threathening stating I should not even attempt to go to my grand mother's funeral. SHE IS NOT EVEN DEAD YET!!!!!

I stewed about it, my stomach grew sicker. I forwarded it to my family for some assistance. Census in the family was to do this or that. I went home and went to bed and tried to sleep so I could come to work tonight. It took a while but I finally did sleep. When I woke I found the family to still be stirring about this. Apparently he can not ban me from the funeral home, church service or grave yard service no matter who pays for the funeral. I found out my nephew (actually my cousin's son the sister of the message sender) got a letter himself only his was a little more threatening. My nephew sent me a message on how to report this person for sending a message like this on facebook and block him from seeing anything I ever do on facebook myself. So I did this. As for what else I was going to do. I gave it much thought. The message was ugly and mean; every part of me wanted to scream back, punch back or defend myself. There was a smaller voice inside telling me to take the high road and not even acknowledge this craziness. That is what I chose to do. I will not acknowledge this person, as far as I am concerned I can no longer hear this person or the evil venom he spews. I will honor my grandmother while she is alive and after she dies and not do anything to disrupt the her memory. She is a wonderful lady and has been the best grandmother a girl could have. So I chose the high Road. As the old saying goes "the squeaky wheel gets all the attention." I choose not to squeak, so the attention will not be on me.

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