Sunday, June 20, 2010

Random Thoughts

These are random thought that have been swimming round in my head and now it time to get out there. Just get them out of my head.
  • I have been listening to the book Eat, Pray, Love. (I listen to books on my ipod while I am driving the radio gets so boring sometimes.) Anyhow I have been listening to this book and it is just a rambling of one woman's journey over a year. It is quite boring sometimes. It has just been making me think I could do this. I could write a book. That is mainly why I started my other blog to write short stories and poems. I think I might spend some time writing over the summer.
  • I have had some issues with the not so nice part of the family again. It amazes me why people are so mean. It makes me mad and it also makes sad. I get mad because they think the things the do to get back at me are really just hurting my grandmother. I think mean evil thoughts like God please make them pay and then I think what miserable lives they must have to keep up all this meanness.
  • For years I have been looking forward to this or to that and going about my days. I know God has plans for me in the future; I have decided not to live in the future. This is going to be a hard one. I actually live my life on my calender. I have events or something planned at least until the end of the year. I don't think I will stop planning. I will just stop obsessing and live for today. I am, going to totally enjoy this summer. O I will be running from coast to coast to see y new grand son but I will be having fun!
  • I FINALLY GRADUATED!!! School is over I am waiting to get my degree in the mail. I did not walk. Now I have the whole summer off before I start the masters program. I know finally what i want to do I want to be a Clinical Nurse Specialist that way I can still do the work I love helping patients and staff in a cancer setting. I am also going to get certified in cancer, oncology,. The test for that is in November but I have to apply by July 7.

I could probably write more and may do that soon but it is time to go to bed. Good night all.

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