Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gods Timing and Answered prayers

I have been going on and on and on about moving, new jobs, selling my house and all. So today I want to fill you in on the answered prayers surrounding this that extend farther out than me. O, I have had answered prayers also but God used my situation to help others and that is so COOL!

First prayers answered for me, As you know or may not know my husband's company has set us up in a furnished apartment in Marion, Ohio. My husband moved up there around the 20th of last month and started his new job. They have everything we need even TV and internet services. It is very nice!
MY husband is loving his new job and the guys are all being very nice to him. he is very happy he made the transition. I got a job starting on August 1 at Ohio University Medical Center at The James Cancer Hospital in the staffing pool. What that means is I am a full time employee but I do not work on any one specific floor. I float from floor to floor taking care of cancer patients. I love this! Floating allows one to see all the hospital units and work with many different patients without getting into the politics of the floor nursing. The only hold up was my nursing license which when I called the licensing board today told me my temporary license was issued today. I have 6 months to get back ground check in for permanent license (which I will do as soon as I get to Ohio). So everything is falling into place. this morning I got a random text message from a number I did not recognize stating they were praying for my house to sell and quoted 1 Thessalonians 5:24 which says The one who calls you is faithful and He will do it. (Interesting! Gave me reassurance this morning)

Now other prayers answered....... My sister Kellie has had a very hard life. She is a fairly new Christian and she has been having some problems lately. her and my 7 year old niece lives in the projects in PA where gun shots ring out almost every night. They have been trying to get out with section 8 and being tied up in tons of red tape. Every time she hears some good news she get tons more of red tape. She also has an older daughter who is in the stage of independence with her and her family and not always nice to her mom. This has made Kellie depressed. She told me she was sinking into a deep pit when I called, totally unknowingly< and asked her to come to SC with me for a few weeks while I was living alone here and hubby was in Ohio. Since leaving with me she has been reading her Bible every day. I had another book on Biblical issues I just happen to have unpacked in the room she is staying in. This book has really clicked with her and she told me she is feeling so much better since she came here and got into some light. My younger niece, the 7 year old, is having a ball! She has decided her Aunt Becky, me, should buy her one present a day! LOL! I don't know about that but we are having fun!

My sister Pam has been wallowing in her situations which are way to complicated to get into but one of the main problems was no car. Kellie came down started talking to them, her and her husband, last weekend they got a car a 2001 PT Cruiser! Very much an answered prayer. (And to think I have been talking to her about that for more than a year! HMMM!)

These are just two of the prayers answered that I know of right now but WOW!!!! Isn't our God AMAZING!!!!!

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