Friday, July 15, 2011

My Random Thoughts

First is I should really get up from in front of this computer and do something. I have a zillion things to do to get ready for move! The washer is washing the clothes. The dryer is drying the clothes. My sister has already gone shopping in my freezer and pantry. She hit the food lottery and went home with three garbage bags full of food. (My sister would be a whole big blog with in it self, I have no time to try to tackle her here and now! But hey she is my sister and I love her!)

I have a few things to pack up, but since we have not sold the house yet and his company set us up in a furnished apartment we do not have to pack up everything right now and we save on storage costs for now.

I do not know what to bring and what not to bring, I am bringing clothes, I know but I only have my Subaru Forrester and there will be three of us driving up to Ohio. SO there's not much room. So what is it I am really gonna need?? Computer definitely, flat screen in the bed room, yes! Griddle, my husband informed me.

What papers and stuff do I need to bring??? Papers for new job, physical (which is Tuesday with drug test. Just as I get a nasty allergic flare up and have to take narcotic cough medication! Had some on hand but was afraid to take it so went to The ER they gave me a new a script and documentation so I have that on hand and they do not think I am a drugee nurse). OK I am bringing some books with me cause I am a nerd like that. School and other books. Of course I will have my Bibles cause I need their wisdom every day!
(Had to take a little break my niece got stung by a bee and was freaking out we had to calm her she is ok now)

When is this house going to sell? Are we gonna loose our butts on it?? Should we rent it?? Do we want to rent it??

I have to do the floors dust mop, steam clean and shine to make it look pretty.

I did not get the cable modem turned in so I will have cable till I leave. I wanted to turn it in today but..I started coughing and took some cough medicine it knocked me out for a while then the office was closed. So now I will have to see if my friend whose son is cutting the grass will take it back for me I know she will, but I hate to bother her with that kind of stuff.

Bunch of craziness tomorrow. Taking my nephew to Sam's Club in the morning to get him a care pack for college. Then coming home going and taking my niece to Cypress Garden's cause she wants to see an alligator before we leave SC. Then we have to go to to the beach because who knows when we will get back here and be able to go to the beach again. I lived here for 15 years and most times took the beach for granted because it was there now I am moving away from it and I have to go before I leave.

O well time to move. I may be back posting before the Sunday move time but if not I will post when I get to Ohio.

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