Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thought Provoking Thursdays

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I am new to this today but here is the blurb from the hosting blog. Join in have some fun!
Welcome to Thought Provoking Thursdays where you are forced to engage your brain. Happy Thursday - can't wait to read your responses, so don't forget to link up.

1. Who is the strongest person you know?

The first thought that came to mind was my grandmother. We affectionately call her Nana. She is now 97 years old and lives in a nursing home which my aunt put her in. (long long and sad story) but anyhow she is a wonderful lady and I love her dearly. She was born in Canada while her family was migrating to USA in 1913. The family settled on a farm in the hills of Pittsburgh, PA. Met and married my grandfather an orphaned Irish immigrant. He was not always nice in fact he was abusive and an alcoholic all but the last ten years of his life. This wonderful woman worked and made a family of all of us. She had two children, and 9 grandchildren. All of us affectionately think of her house as home. We had Sunday dinners there every week and every holiday! It saddens me to see her now in a nursing home, but she is still my wonderful Nana and I spend as much time with her as I possibly can and will till the day she dies or I do.

2. What are you uncertain about?

My future. Today is my last day of work in Charleston, SC. My husband got a promotion which is taking us to Marion Ohio. I do have a job lined up nursing is a great career! I am moving to Ohio on Sunday, my husband is already there. His company is putting us up in a 2 bedroom 1bath furnished apartment for a few months. We have a house we have to sell here in Moncks Corner, SC. (If interested in moving here can check it out on MLS # 113325) Any how I was distracted. But I don't know what the future holds in Ohio. Home is in Pittsburgh, PA so I will be closer to family, but I have lived outside of Charleston, SC for 15 years. I have many friends who are my family that I will leaving so this is bittersweet and uncertain.

3. What has life taught you in the last week?

Family is not always those who share your blood. Family can be friends who are near and dear to you, at work, church or anywhere.
Selling a house is not always easy.

3. What has life taught you in the last week?


CrysHouse said...

Welcome to the link up :)

I hope your move goes well, but I know how scary it can be. My brother has applied for a job in Ohio, and I'll be sad to see him go :(

Sheena said... many things are going through my mind after reading your answers. It sounds like your Nana has built quite a legacy.

My Precious is Crys' bro...we may be moving to Ohio soon. I'm a little torn about the move but your answer to the question just reminded me that God only orchestrates those situations in which He intends to provide. He doesn't forsake.

Thanks for linking up. You're welcome to join us anytime.

Joyce said...

I have sweet memories of my grandma. Hope this move brings you geographically closer and you can see her more often now.