Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas was good! All though I have to admit it would have been much better if my kids were here with us in Ohio; but they are well, and we did get to talk to them yesterday it was good!

For the past couple years since the kids moved out Kevin and I have been spending Christmas alone. This year we were close enough and had time off to be able to go home for Christmas! It was great!

Christmas Eve we spent with my husbands family just like old times! It warmed my heart that my nephew was in for Florida. We got to meet his very sweet girl and see him with his dad, sisters and step mom. 
My brother in law and nephew

brother and sisters reunited for Christmas
Christmas at my dad's house yesterday was great too! Just missing my kiddos and their families, but I got fb video of Christmas morning.

Kevin and me with Ollie, JaLiah , Tyree, and Teonna

Dad and Barb opening gift from family
Any time spent with family is so much appreciated after years away!!
We even got to spend time with my best friend and cousin Deb, and her family! It is such a blessing to be here close to home again!!

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