Sunday, December 30, 2012

New editions to our family

Over the holiday we got a few new editions to our family; actually Ollie has been here for about a month. We got two new dogs. I know we are crazy but I guess we are just dog people. My hubby and I wanted two different things in a dog. he wanted a dog he could go hunting with, walk in the woods with and do that kinds of stuff. Me, I wanted a cuddle dog, a lap dog, a small dog to keep me company when just doing nothing at home.

The first dog we got when going to check out a completely different dog. We were going to see a Boston Terrier, and I just fell in love with a timid little ball of hair, when I picked him up he was shaking and it broke my heart so we bought him. His name is Oliver Sputnick McClelland. (The sputnick was my dad's idea. You see he always comes up with crazy names for anything from babies to puppies and when I showed hi the picture he said he looked like a sputnick. SO of course I had to add it in his name.)
We call him Ollie

Well my husband could not get left out and if we had one dog why not have two right?? So my sister in law (my hubby's brother's wife) got a very good lab dog after her dog had died. Maya is a very good lab with a great temperament and good with the kids. SO when we found out Maya's mom was expecting we put in an order for a yellow female for my hubby. (His last dog Tia, that died a few months ago was a female, so he had to have another female.
Yesterday we drove almost all day in a snow storm to pick up our latest edition. Her name is Nuy's Belle (Nuy is a name form hubby's childhood). He has mentioned maybe calling her Belle Lee, or even LuLu Belle but all we know for sure at the moment is her name is Belle.
This is hubby and Belle

Now we are in full potty training swing with two puppies! I know we are crazy Right?! But feeling very loved!

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